Sichuan Province Xuanhan County xiaba Town wenfeng Mountain(xiaba wen Mountain)-"Xuanhan County's The first of the four famous mountains
Xuanhan County xiaba wen Mountain
The brave Resort(Paradise of the brave)
Xuanhan County xiaba wen Mountain Panorama.

China. Sichuan.Dazhou.Xuanhan County xiaba Town wenfeng Mountain

wenfeng Mountain In the territory of xiaba Town of Xuanhan County of Dazhou City, Sichuan Province,At an altitude of 1065 metres,Because of the shape of the mountain like a Phoenix, so it is called the wenfeng Mountain,Abbreviation wen Mountain。
The old saying: "Chu jade stone, engraved with a phoenix like a dragon", the Fengshan's tail is a lot of mountains winding, not the dragon head, is very like the phoenix head, so the name.
wenfeng Mountain Is particularly known for steep mountains and beautiful scenery,More than 20 kilometers away from Xuanhan County, more than 20 minutes by car. Song, yuan, Ming, Qing, the period of the Republic of China Taoist in Xuanhan and the surrounding 5 County pilgrimage. xiaba Town wenfeng Mountain welcomes you.
“A brave to climb the peak, a timid dare not walk in the mountains”
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